Winter Clothes for Men: How to Pick Style, Comfort, and Warmth

Winter Clothes for Men: How to Pick Style, Comfort, and Warmth

Confidence is key when picking the right winter clothes 

Did you know high heels were first worn by men in 1670? While that's not the case anymore, men still have many options to choose from when it comes to fashion. As times change it can be hard to keep up with the changing trends. But no need to worry we are here to help. 

If you are looking for different ways to style winter clothes for men you've come to the right place. Keep reading to find out what staple pieces you should add to your wardrobe this winter. 




How to Layer 

The key to being the best dressed and warmest man during the winter is knowing how to layer. Learning how to layer your clothing can take some time but with some practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

The reason for layering your clothes is so you are always comfortable. If you're walking down the street in the middle of winter you'll want to be as warm as possible with long sleeves and coats.

Once you get to where you are going, maybe a restaurant or the office, and the heat is turned on you'll likely start sweating. If you've properly layered your clothing you can remove the top layers to be comfortable inside and put them back on when you go out to face the snow. 

Each layer that is seen or visible should look good on its own. Your garments under each layer should be appropriate for your event or outing.

For example, if you're at a gala and take off your jacket you shouldn't be wearing a tank top. That's an extreme example but it applies to dinner dates, meetings, and parties.



Base Layer 

Your base layer is the first thing you put on and typically no one sees it. This can be an undershirt or t-shirt or a button-down shirt.

Typically this garment is thin and fits nicely under other clothing, nothing bulky. It should also be comfortable, you don't want to be stuck wearing something that's too tight around your arms or has an itchy tag. 

Middle Layer

The middle layer could be a button-down or dress shirt. It could also be a vest or sweater. It could also be a sweatshirt depending on your itinerary for the day. It all depends on how many layers you need. 




Top or Outer layer

The top layer is your jacket or coat. This is the main article of clothing that ties your outfit together. It'll likely be the thickest article of clothing you put on. 

There are many different combinations you can make with your layers. Another great perk is you can mix and match your layer and create a whole new look with items already in your closet. 

Different Coat Styles 

There are many different coat styles that you can choose to add to your closet. Having a few different ones will ensure you always have a coat for every event and every temperature. 

Wool Coat 

Investing in a wool coat will prove to be beneficial when the harsh winter comes. Choosing a neutral color will make it easier to match with all your outfits and you'll get more use out of it. This is a top layer and should be loose around the shoulders and chest so you can fit other layers underneath it comfortably.

The coat will last longer and be more comfortable if it's made of mostly wool and not polyester so be sure to check the tags. Follow the washing instruction to ensure it will last a long time. 

Wind Breaker and Rain Jacket 

Outer shell jackets that protect you from wind and rain are a must. Rain jackets and windbreakers are becoming more stylish and will provide great protection while you are hiking, golfing, or taking a chilly boat ride. 


Bomber Jacket 

A hundred years ago the bomber or flight jacket looked a lot different. It was meant to protect pilots from the wind, rain, and cold weather while they were flying.

Nowadays the majority of bomber jackets are used as a fashion statement and not so much for fighting against the cold. They are typically thinner and made of polyester instead of leather.

They can be useful for cooler days but are not recommended for snowy days. If you are looking for an authentic jacket, check out some antique and vintage stores. 

Puffer Jacket 

In recent years the puffer jacket has become very popular and will be on the top of the trending winter clothes for men list this winter. They can be great for your walk to the office and equally as useful on a hike or during other winter sports activities. They are waterproof and the down insulation provides warmth and comfort.

Shop for your puffer jacket a reputable clothing company that sells winter clothes for men. This will ensure you get an ethically made jacket.

Trench Coat

Trench coats have a long history and have changed since they were first worn by the British in the First World War. The modern-day trench coat was made popular by Thomas Burberry and is a great staple to have in your closet for cooler days.

When Burberry changed the material from wool to cotton the coat became more adaptable. It is a fashional piece that is double-breasted, knee-length with a belt. 


A parka is a long coat that is usually has a hood and lined with fur. It's meant to protect as much of the body from the cold as possible. It is great for extremely cold weather.

When you are shopping for a parka be aware that some websites and companies will use the words jacket and parka interchangeably. 




You may be unsure what fabric or material you should choose. The good news is you don't have to stick to just one, combining different materials can make for a note-worthy outfit and keep you warmer. 


When you think of flannel you make think of a plaid pattern but it's actually of fabric. It is great for warmth and while the most common flannel clothing is a button-down you can find jackets made of the material too. 


Wool is often thick and great for keeping you warm. It is also great as an outer layer during the winter when it's rainy and snowy. While wool isn't completely waterproof it is water resident and will protect you from the harsh weather. 


As you probably already know cotton is used in the majority of our clothing. It is durable and will last a long time if cared for properly.

You can use a cotton garment as your base layer, with a t-shirt, or as a middle or top layer with a sweater. Investing in quality cotton may be more expensive on the front side, but you'll get your money's worth when it lasts you a few winter seasons. 


If you are looking for stylish winter clothes for men, consider buying a leather jacket. Leather can tie your look together and keep you warm.

However, when you are purchasing your leather goods be mindful. Buying leather that is made ethically and is eco-friendly is important. 



If you find yourself in the same few pairs of pants every winter it's time to step out of your comfort zone. Consider changing your style up a bit by adding different textures, colors, and styles of pants. 




You won't have a completed closet of warm winter clothes for men with denim pants. While different styles of jeans trend at different times, they have always been a staple.

Men have worn them for years to protect themselves from harsh weather. Dark jeans are easy to dress up if you need and try to stay away from jeans with holes in them. A good pair of jeans will last you a long time so you don't need more than two or three pairs. 

Wool Pants 

Wool pants are underrated in today's fashion. As we mentioned previously, wool is great for cold temperatures. It can also add subtle texture to your outfit that may be lacking. 


If you are just running a few errands and want to be warm or if you're working from home you may want to try a pair of sweatpants. We aren't talking about the workout sweatpants that you wear to the gym. You can easily style a pair of quality sweatpants with a matching sweater and sneakers. 


Winter Accessories 

If you feel like your outfit is missing something or the weather is particularly cold, you can use accessories for comfort and style. Gloves, hats, and scarfs come in many different styles, colors, and materials so you'll be able to find something to pair with each of your outfits. 


Hats can be tricky to style but can add the perfect flair to your day-to-day outfits or to your formal wear. A wool or knit beanie is perfect for a casual outfit and for keeping your head warm. 

A flat cap, while still casual, can dress up an outfit a little bit more than a beanie. It doesn't cover the ears but the wool or cotton material will provide warmth and comfort. 

If you are looking to spice your casual look a bit more, try out a felt safaris hat. Something like a fedora will also help you step up your winter fashion. 


In the winter, a scarf can be a life saver. It can also help you spice up your outfit. If your outfit consists of mostly neutrals consider using a scarf as a pop of color or visa versa.

A scarf can be used with any outfit, casual, business casual, and even with a suit and tie. With casual outfits wrapping the scarf around your neck is appropriate but if you are wearing a tie simply drape the cloth around your neck. You can also tuck it under your vest to create a layered look. 


Gloves that you use for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding should only be used for such activities. Gloves for causal and formal wore should protect you from the cold and shouldn't hold water.

You can't go wrong with a pair of leather gloves. They will add a sleek look to your outfit and will allow you to perform the basic tasks with ease. Remember to match your leathers with each other. If you are wearing brown leather shoes, wear brown gloves. 

Winter Shoes 

Shoes, similar to accessories, can tie an outfit together but if they aren't comfortable you'll be miserable the whole day. It can be hard to find shoes that fit your feet perfectly, try not to get frustrated and take your time. 

The first set of shoes you'll need in your closet are sneakers. They are comfortable and great if you have to walk a long way. You can pair them with a lot of different outfits and styles. 

If you've never owned a pair of high-top sneakers you'll want to get a pair this winter. They are great for protecting your ankles from the harsh wind and cold. Walking around during the winter you may encounter some snow and rain, consider treating your shoes with water repellant to keep them looking nice. 

Boots are a necessity in the winter and the great news is there are many different styles that you can choose from. The classic work boot is great for yard work and construction work in the winter, they can also be great for casual outfits. They are sturdy and will last you a long time. 

If you are looking for something a bit more stylish that would work with many different outfits consider the Chelsea or Chukka boot. They have grown in popularity and won't be going out of style any time soon. You can dress them up or down depending on your schedule for the day. 

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Winter Clothes for Men

Contrary to popular belief men has many options to choose from when it comes to winter outfits. It can take some time to figure out your style. Take your time trying different outfits and mismatching accessories.

As a reminder, you may want to only shop for winter clothes for men at ethically and eco-friendly companies and stores. Investing in quality clothes will ensure your wardrobe lasts longer and serves its purpose.

We hope you found this article useful. Click here to find some of your staple winter clothes. 

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