Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide


So, you are to visit Nashville but don't know what to expect? Well, we have got you covered, Nashville is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. For a reason, Nashville is known as "Music City," but it's the cuisine, shopping, and Southern charm that keep us going back. Country music, Nashville Hot Chicken, and party trolleys all call Nashville home. Locals in Nashville are extremely kind and have a strong southern mindset. It's a city entrenched in southern traditions with stunning venues and a plethora of providers eager and willing to help. This is a multicultural city with plenty of unique things to do, see, experience, and eat! If you truly want to experience the Tennessee way of life, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here's a beginners' guide to Nashville that you must check out before you go!



How to Travel Around Nashville

The first question that arises is how to get around?? Well, during your time in Nashville, there will be a combination of walking, driving, and Uber to get about. If you choose not to use Uber, taxis, and Lyft are also available. Keep in mind that some of Nashville's most famous attractions, such as the Grand Ole Opry, are located outside of the municipal limits. You can also go around on your own in the walkable downtown and Germantown regions, where parking might be a challenge. There is also public transit. If you don't need to go far, the MTA's free Music City Circuit bus service is a good option. Pay-and-track electric scooters, bike rentals, pedicabs, and golf carts are some of the entertaining alternative transportation choices in Nashville.



Where to Stay?

Because Nashville is not a large city, you won't have to spend as much time deciding where to stay as you would in big cities. Where you stay in Nashville will mostly be determined by your budget and whether or not you have access to a vehicle. 

If you want to visit Nashville on a tight budget, you should rent a dorm bed at one of the hostels. Staying in either hostel is less expensive and more enjoyable than staying in a run-down hotel room on the edge of town. Nashville also offers several fantastic cabins and treehouses, as well as vacation rentals, available for an unforgettable visit.

While private rooms are available for the same price as a dorm bed, going to and from the city center will consume a significant amount of time and money. If you're traveling alone, it's best to stay in hostels.



What to Eat:

The most crucial question, when it comes to dining in Nashville, the trinity of hot chicken, BBQ, and Southern soul cuisine is a must. Nashville is the origin of Hot Chicken, a spicy cuisine that was invented in a futile attempt to cause hotness. When you visit Nashville, you may enjoy a broad range of delectable down-home and fusion meals. If you want to try something else, there are plenty of restaurants in Nashville that serve a variety of food. If you're still not sure where to go, ask a local. But don't eat that crappy fast food from known food chains; after all, it's time to explore some new flavors!



People here are so nice!

Nashville is a beautiful destination to visit, and one thing you should expect is that the people here are the sweetest. That's probably because the people in Nashville are happy to chat with anybody. They'll gladly engage you in a discussion about the weather, a personal experience, or assist you in navigating the city. No matter whatever store, restaurant, or place you visit, the residents are extremely kind and will make you feel at ease. As already said, expect to have lengthy chats with practically everyone you meet here. If you're from the north, it may seem strange at first, but after a time, you begin to anticipate the interactions. Many visitors to Nashville depart with new friends since everyone is so kind that it's difficult to refer to them as strangers after you've met them.

Keep your Manners

Nashville is a city that prides itself on its Southern friendliness. People are trained to say "yes ma'am" or "no sir" from an early age. All of this, along with plenty of eye contact, is the standard. and no, you won't welcome folks in Nashville by saying "howdy."   Despite the fact that over ten million tourists visit each year, people are kind to strangers. You should keep your lips sealed if you don't know how to say something good. It is considered impolite to refuse to say "please" and "thank you," and you must respect your elders. Additionally, wash your face and hands after each meal and keep the door open for anyone approaching from behind.



Head to the Grand Ole Opry

It's difficult to go to a concert at the Grand Ole Opry without becoming overwhelmed, whether you appreciate country music or only know a few songs by famous English singers on the radio. While in Nashville, you must see the Grand Ole Opry. Shows with well-known musicians are organized throughout the year. You may also take a tour of this legendary music venue to discover more about its history. This country's music stage has been in operation since 1925 and is still going strong. If you don't have time to attend a performance, you may take a backstage tour and learn about the place's history. It's also a terrific place to witness up-and-coming country performers.



See a game

If you're a sports lover, witnessing a game should be at the top of your list of things to do in Nashville. The Nashville Predators (NHL) and the Tennessee Titans (NFL) are two of the city's professional sports groups. People are enthusiastic about their sports, and attending games is a blast. You may also watch the Nashville Sounds or some of the local college teams in addition to the pro clubs.



Its History!

Nashville is steeped in history, both on the streets and in the pages of literature. Nashville will fill your mind, notepad, and soul with learning, whether you're experiencing what it was like to be a slave in the pre-Civil War South at Belle Meade Plantation or studying the construction of The Parthenon at Centennial Park. The Hermitage, which was formerly the residence of Andrew Jackson, is a must-see for history fans. After serving as President of the United States, the 7th President of the United States retired to this location, where he died in 1845. you can discover more about the "People's President" on a tour of his residence.


Take advantage of the Nightlife

Nashville knows how to party,  Breweries, dive bars, cocktail lounges, speakeasies — you name it, the city has it.  Tennessee, is one of those amazing towns with late-night pubs and restaurants. The majority of them have live music, and you can watch some of the best acts while sipping on some tasty cocktails.  This is the place to go if you enjoy staying out into the wee hours of the morning. Furthermore, because the downtown area is not overly extensive, most things can be reached by foot. The honky-tonk bar crawl up Broadway is quite touristic, but it can be a lot of fun.

Make a Schedule for Your Activities 

It's easy to arrive in Nashville and become overwhelmed by the variety of activities available, not to mention the excellent restaurants and lovely coffee shops you'll want to visit. It's best to arrive in Nashville with a strategy in mind. You may plan a plan, or you can schedule a few key excursions and spend the rest of your time checking off items on your Nashville bucket list.


Be Safety Conscious 

At the very least I will say that please Be Safety Conscious. Nashville is one of the most visited cities in the United States, so you may think you're going on a relaxing country music vacation, but don't forget to bring your street smarts. This involves following the same common-sense safety precautions you would at home and keeping a lookout for thefts. Because Nashville has a well-deserved reputation for being a party town, you'll want to be extra cautious when out drinking. Remember that if you don't seem like a tourist, it will be more difficult for those who prey on travelers to identify you.

Enjoy Nashville for what it is: a joyful, noisy, and musically inclined city. While you're there, take as many photographs as you can and get some concert tickets. If you're unsure about what to pack to Nashville, bring at least one of everything. One day it may be raining heavily, and the next it may be bright and sunny. Be prepared for everything, take it easy, and enjoy your heart out, just follow our guide before visiting Nashville, and you'll have a great time no matter how big or small your trip is. 

Happy Traveling!


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