How to style my t-shirt -- Mens Streetwear Edition

How to style my t-shirt -- Mens Streetwear Edition

Your style says everything about you. Instead of hiring a stylist, we're giving you some ideas on how you can style your tee from SubtleFlight.


1. All Black Fit

black shirt outfit

Now the shoes here are up to you. Everything goes well with black. 

T-shirt - California short sleeve t-shirt

2. Flannel over the tee

The beanie at the top and the jeans to complement 

la short sleeve tee yellow

Shirt - LA Short Sleeve T-Shirt

3. Navy tee with dark jeans

montana shirt navy

A few words - Simple and effective 

Shirt - Montana Short Sleeve T-Shirt

4. White tee with dark jeans

The beanie at the top, the white tee, dark jeans. Sweatpants or shorts would also work the magicst.louis white shirt

With spring and summer just around the corner, here's something to kickstart your t-shirt outfit ideas

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