8 Gift Ideas for Women

8 Gift Ideas for Women

chance chanel macys Here are a few gift ideas for women

Gifts are always hard to choose so we're giving you a simple breakdown of what to get.

1. A hat 

Now she's feeling pretty and protected from the rain or sun. This hat is 100% chino cotton twill with an adjustable strap & antique buckle on the back.

Oklahoma Hat 

Oklahoma women hat


2. An oversized sweater 

A sweatshirt is a great gift for anybody. The sweatshirts from SubtleFlight are a mix of cotton and polyester. Raise your glass and live life in the California Sweatshirt.

california sweatshirt fleece

3. Sherpa Jacket 

This jacket is similar to a top made out of wool. It's great for when the weather gets colder. 

4. Fleece Hoodie 

A fleece hoodie will be needed when you least expect it. Whether you're relaxing on the stoop or going on a hike, a fleece hoodie is a solid option for sure.

virginia hoodie women

5. Pack of socks

She'll thank you later when she can't find a pair of socks. It's very simple and affordable to put in the gift bag.

Hue Women's Mini Crew Sock 6-Pack, White, One Size


 6. A shoulder bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Shoulder Crossbody

A purse or shoulder bag is always a good idea. Make sure it matches her style so she can show your gift off. Win-win situation.

Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Shoulder Crossbody


7. A personalized mug 

Whether it's tea, coffee, or anything else, a personalized mug is a great gift. If you're not sure what to say here are a few ideas. 

- a name

- something you like about the person

- something that the person likes

-a thing you have in common 

-a tv show name 



 custom mug


8. Women's perfume

chance chanel macys

A perfume for women is an excellent gift idea. Smelling good is never out of style. The specific perfume in the image is reviewed as "The delicate and unexpected fruity-floral fragrance for women creates a soft whirlwind of happiness, fantasy and radiance." 

Find it here



A gift is more memorable when there's a meaning to it. Shop these gift ideas for the next time you need to give an affordable & quality gift.

Don't forget to treat yourself either

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