places to visit in New York

9 Places to Visit in New York

Since New York City is huge and full of places worth visiting, tourists often get confused about what to visit in a short period. Though the available options are overwhelming, there are a few spots that you cannot miss. This write-up will cover all the amazing places in New York that should be at the top of your list.

Places to visit in New York

Let's look at a brief overview of all the amazing places!

1- Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is America's most iconic sight. France gifted it to America, and today it stands representing freedom. It is 152 feet in height, 450,000 pounds in weight, and thus included in the list of the world's largest statues. The best way to enjoy sightseeing the status is to take a boat trip to Liberty Island. This way, you can observe its details closely.

statue of liberty

You need to pre-book reservations to enter the statue's base; otherwise, you are not allowed inside. The refined architectural details of The Liberty Statue will leave you speechless.

2- Westfield World Trade Center Oculus

The Oculus is another great place in New York that you cannot miss out on. It is one of the most expensive train stations in the world. It also has a shopping mall inside, serving 12 subway lines and train tracks. The mall includes brands such as Apple Store, John Varvatos, Aesop, and others.

The station's design has been finely created inspired by the skeleton of a whale. Yes, the white metal-clad steel ribs in the exterior reaching out and up looks like a hand releasing a dove. It has been created in remembrance of the attacks of September 2001.

3- Central Park

To enjoy a sunny day in New York City, you should go to Central Park. It is a pleasant place to walk, carriage ride, and peddle. The crisscrossing pathways laid beautifully throughout the park territory turn the place into a fairy tale. There is a zoo, lake, strawberry fields, and much more. You can even skate and glide across Wollman Rink in the winter season.

This park is big in size spreading to 2.5 miles in length and 0.5 miles in width. You can dedicate a picnic day to this place. Make sure to check weather conditions before finalizing the date.

central park

4- Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit One Vanderbilt is located in the fourth tallest building in the city, where the first three are World Trade Center, Central Park Towe, and 111 East 57th Street. The summit is on the 67th floor of the skyscraper. Located at the west of Grand Central Terminal, the building starts in a mirrored hallway. You can take the elevator to 91 floors.

The best thing about this building is mirrored infinity room known as Air. Being in this room, you can take in marvelous views of the city and the sky. It feels like walking in the sky because there is glass flooring or ceilings.

5- The Top of the Rock Observation Deck

A tourist's list of sightseeing is incomplete without Rockefeller Center. Located in the middle of Manhattan, this huge shopping center and entertainment place contains media houses. The best element of this complex is the 70-story 30 Rockefeller Plaza. You can experience being on the Top of the Rock Observation Deck in this plaza and observe Manhattan from above.

The deck constitutes three floors on the 67th, 69th, and 70th stories of the plaza. Remember, there is a ticket to the deck, so make sure to purchase beforehand. There is a flexibility of changing your dates of visit depending on the weather conditions etc.

6- American Museum of Natural History

The best place to absorb natural history is the American Museum of Natural History. It is a place for people with all kinds of tastes. It contains eight different exhibition halls displaying the natural environment to our planet and animals and fossils. Besides the usual display, the museum hosts special events for a limited amount of time.

One of the most famous exhibits is about sharks. They showcase models of different sharks that you can not only view but also touch. The 22-carat Okavango Blue Diamond is another popular exhibit by tourists and residents.

American Museum of natural history


7- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Commonly known as Met, The Metropolitan Museum of Art includes the most famous museums in the USA. It was founded back in 1870. It displays around 2 million artworks from the time of about 5000 years.

The centerpiece of this 3-site museum is The Met Fifth Avenue. It showcases American arts, arms, Egyptian art, photographs, and more. You will be speechless seeing the great art of the great times. Buying the VIP ticket to this place allows you to visit the whole place with just 25 people before it opens free for the public.

8- Edge Observation Deck

The highest deck for outdoor observation is situated at Hudson Yards. If you are not scared of heights, this is a place that you must visit. The extended terrace of the building is at 65-feet into the sky. It is the highest public balcony in the whole of New York State. The views of the city's skyline from this deck are breathtakingly beautiful.

Moreover, the fantastic vantage point below is another best thing about the balcony, which lets you view passerby at 1100 feet beneath. Yes, the flooring is glass, so you are basically in the middle of the sky and the roads when on this deck.

9- The Theater District

Nothing is worst than completing your New York tour without attending a Broadway show. This place is the summit of American theater and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can either go for the ongoing show or the long-running classic show. Broadway constitutes many theater venues in The Theater District. Getting a tick is quite challenging because of the high number of people attending the shows. Make sure you purchase the tick in advance.

theater district


Shubert Allery is an alley in the Theater District where two famous playhouses reside. The Shubert is located at 221 West 44th Street, and the Booth is situated at 22 West 45th Street. It is the first place where aspiring actors come for exposure and work opportunities.

The Theater District holds memories of the world-known legendary artists. For example, Irving Berlin performed live at The Music Box Revenue in 1921.

Conclusion - Places to Visit in New York

New York is one the most famous cities in the world. Always hustling, this city is home to world-popular sights. Tourists worldwide visit this city to enjoy Broadway shows, for top city views, to stroll in Central Park, and see the Statue of Liberty live. Brimming with tourist spots, this city is such a place that never goes to sleep nor silences.


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