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9 Amazing Places to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is a state of the USA located in the heart of the American Southwest. It is a magical country, packed with green landscapes, mountains, historic structures, big-lit cities, and classic small towns. Many tourists dream of visiting this country for all the beautiful places it holds itself, from Canyons to National Parks, Museums, Art Galleries, and much more. This guide will help you design a perfect trip for the different places to visit in Arizona.

Places to Visit in Arizona

Let us dive deep into the details of different places in Arizona!

1- Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is a must-visit landscape in Arizona. Serving tourists with astonishing views and geological details, this park is the 6th most visited park in the country. Spread to 1,218,375 acres, this park has many places that you would like to be.

The South Rim, also home to Mather Point, is a fantastic spot to look down into the Canyon. Despite taking pictures, you can hike. Observing sunrise or sunset from this place can be an incredible experience. You can do many activities in the Canyon, from guided bicycle tours to helicopter tours and mule trips.

2- Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is situated south of the Utah State Line. Holding a space of 280,000 acres, this place is a diverse land. Visiting this will leave you speechless. You will see cliffs, buttes, and canyons beautifully packed in one place.


Vermilion Cliffs Monument

The Wave is a sandstone formation that attracts most tourists’ attention. The iconic shades of red and white give a good show of nature. There are no smooth roads leading to this place, so you have to take a long hike. Trekking is also a good idea to enjoy the views along the pathway.

3- Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the most popular city in the country. The Valley of The Greater Phoenix Area is a magical place. Moreover, it gets blessed with sunshine 300 days a year. Summers in Phoenix are scorching but significantly cheaper in terms of finances. Yes, those who can put up with the summertime heat can benefit from discounts at hotels and resorts.

In Phoenix, your days will be fully occupied because there is a lot to visit and do. Everything is beautiful in this city: museums, zoos, mountains, and parks.

4- Sedona

Sedona is a small-town brimming with natural beauty, situated in the north of Phoenix. From red rock mountains to buttes, you can easily dedicate some days to exploring this place. While you get on the trip to Sedona from the south, you can enjoy shopping at many spots. There is Oak Creek Village serves stunning views and sceneries.

89A is Sedona’s main street. Here you will find art galleries, shops, and restaurants. The hiking and mountain biking trails can serve the best to adventurers. Moreover, the spa resorts at this place will let you have a relaxing day amidst the beauty of mountains and sceneries.

5- Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam links Arizona to Nevada. It gives a grand show of America’s engineering marvels. Built-in 1935, this dam is 726 feet and 1244 feet in length. Moreover, it holds back Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in the state.

hoover damDriving or walking around the dam can recharge your energy level and refresh your mood for months. Taking a Powerplant tour will give you insightful details about how the dam works. If you have time, coffee beside the majesty of the dam can be a great idea too.

6- Tucson

Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert. Bordered by mountains, this city is the second-largest one in Arizona. You can explore interesting historical sites, natural sceneries, and cultural structures in this place. 

The must-visit places in the city are Arizona-Sonora Museum, EI Presidio Historic District, and Old Studios. There are facilities to hike and camp in the mountains and canyons of the city. Since Tucson is located at some height (2,400 feet) from Phoenix so, you can take an escape from the country’s heat in this city.

7- Jerome

You cannot leave Arizona without visiting Jerome. It was once a mining town then transformed into a ghost town. Today, it stands as a tourist spot attracting the attention of hundreds of tourists.

The vintage shops lining the streets, old buildings standing with their ruined appearance, and the historic vibe, everything about this town is impressive. The Jerome State Historic Park and the Gold King Mine Museum are the highlights of this place. The Sliding Jail in this town was built back in 1928. Its name is derived from the fact that the structure started to slide because it was based on clay slick.

8- Prescott

No matter the season, you can visit Prescott all year round. Since it is located at the height of 5000 feet from sea level, it is never too hot to vacay here. This place is a fine blend of bustling big city life and natural views.

Prescott disappoints no one. Whether you are an adventurer wanting a good hike trail, a working person wishing to spend a relaxing day beside a lake, or a curious person choosing to know more about the history and culture, it will serve you.

hiking trails in prescott

Whiskey Row is the highlight of this place. It is a perfect package of entertainment, filled with art galleries, cafes, and salons.

9- Tombstone

A tombstone is a perfect place if you would like to enjoy an old town with modern looks. The contemporary touch given to the Old West town makes it worth visiting. Staged gunfights and character show going on in the streets add to the glory of the small town. There are shops, restaurants, and attractions to go to and enjoy being in.


The time spent in Arizona is dedicated to praising the absolute beauty of life on earth. This is the place where you can see life unfold its magical features in front of your eyes. If you are planning your trip here, you must purchase the best quality Arizona shirts.



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