5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Fashionable Men’s Clothing

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Fashionable Men’s Clothing



Men's fashion generates $550 billion worldwide in a given year. In the wake of new icons in male fashion like Rami Malek or Harry Styles, fashionable men's clothing is more accessible than ever. 

However, it can be difficult to know what you're looking for. What makes a piece of clothing 'fashionable'? How can you blend your own personal taste with what's in style? Other questions exist, too—how can you find items that fit within your budget, and where should you shop?

Whether you're preparing for a high-stakes date or just want to uplevel your sense of fashion, we've got you covered. That's why we've assembled a guide to the top 5 factors to consider when selecting fashionable men's clothing.



1. What Are You Shopping For?

Look at any popular social media platform for a few minutes. Image- or video-based platforms, such as Instagram or Tiktok, are best. How are people on these platforms dressing?

Take popular magazines, like GQ or Vogue. How are cover models or people in advertisements dressing?

When it comes to fashionable men's clothing, there's such a wide range. In many situations, there's no golden standard anymore. Instead, Gen Z is setting trends and embracing individuality. 

Some say the '90s are back. Others are embracing outrageous silhouettes. Others are paring it back in the name of sustainable fashion. It all depends on what you actually want to wear!

Start by assessing what staples never go out of style. What passes for men's dress clothes in your industry?

Say that you work as a lawyer. Fashionable men's clothing, then, might be different variations on a suit. You'll be able to narrow down what you need from there. 



2. What Are You Comfortable In?

Incremental change is the only way to alter any facet of your lifestyle. Maybe you've assessed your wardrobe and figured out that your wardrobe of sweatpants and jorts requires an update.

However, that doesn't mean you need to start dressing like an undertaker. Instead, consider what facets of your personality you can express through style. 

Say that you prefer lots of neutral colors, and prefer utilitarian looks that don't take too much fuss. When shopping for men's dress clothes, keep these preferences in mind. 

Make sure that you select pieces that are easy to mix and match. It's also important to select high-quality pieces. That way, you get utilitarian clothing that doesn't tear or rip easily.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment 

Most men's fashion advice boils down to one primary maxim: keep it simple. However, that may not be your style!

If you don't want to stick to neutral colors or traditional styles, feel free to branch out! Many male icons are experimenting with more androgynous or 'traditionally feminine' styles these days. 

Start with purchasing a few statement pieces or accessories to see how you feel about them. Try selecting a button-up shirt in an adventurous color, or experiment with small details like a pearl necklace. 

There's no need to stick with the options traditionally found in a men's clothing store. Fashionable men's clothing is whatever you make it out to be. 

As long as you're selecting high-quality, well-fitting options, let your creativity flow! Sometimes, all you need is a license to experiment. Who knows—you could end up setting the next big fashion trend?

4. What Works for Your Body Type?

If you ever get frustrated with the shopping experience, know that it's not your fault. Not every brand caters to the user experience. At Subtle Flights, we have clothing that works for everyone. 

However, it may save some time if you're well-informed before you go shopping. Start by figuring out what body type you have. 

Do you have a triangle body shape? If so, your chest may be wider than your shoulders. Your waist is wider than both your shoulders and your chest. 

With this type of body, you'll look great in anything with structured shoulders. Vertical stripes and single-breasted suits are also a win. Mixing prints and solids is always recommended for this body type.

st.louis shirt subtleflight

Working With an Inverted Triangle or Rectangular Body Type

Do you have an inverted triangle body type? If so, your chest and shoulders are likely wider than your waist or hips. This is a stereotypical 'bodybuilder' look for some men. 

If you have this body type, consider slim-fit, straight-leg pants. Horizontal stripes on your upper body also work well in most cases. Many style experts recommend that you look for V-necks, polo shirts, and slim-fitting jackets. 

Having a rectangular body type is also common. If your shoulders, hips, and waist are about the same width, you have a rectangular body type. 

For this body type, you're able to have lots of fun with layers, colors, prints, and textures. Go for bright colors, structured jackets, and horizontal stripes. Button-down shirts and crew neck tees are also popular choices for this body type.

5. Don't Forget Shoes 

When looking into men's fashion clothing, remember that you can always have fun with your shoes! If you are embracing affordable men's fashion clothing, shoes can change the whole look of an otherwise ordinary outfit. 

Sneakers, Converse, combat boots, loafers ... the options go on. Make sure to have some fun with colors and styles, too. 

When selecting a pair of shoes, it's important to make sure that the vibe matches the rest of your outfit. For instance, wearing Converse with a tuxedo might not work well. Instead, select a colorful pair of dress shoes that adds a new dimension to an otherwise traditional outfit.


Finding Fashionable Men's Clothing

If you're looking for fashionable men's clothing, take the time to look around and enjoy the process. Find a retailer that offers high-quality items that fit your needs. Men's trendy clothing is big business, and there's something out there that can revolutionize your closet.

That's why we offer a wide range of items. We're ready to make you look and feel good, from the boardroom to date night. Check out our offerings today!

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