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How to Dress Fashionable with At-Home Outfits for Men

It may sound shocking, but people can judge your competence, warmth, trustworthiness, and more in under 1 second based on what you're wearing. That's because, no matter what the occasion, your clothing choices say a lot about you. 

The clothes you wear tell a small story about your confidence and your taste and serve as a way for people to get a snapshot of what your personality is like.

Men's fashion doesn't have to mean stiff suits and shoes. A good outfit can be casual at-home outfits men will be comfortable in while still looking great. There's a lot to be said about flannel outfits men look so good in that it's preferred over a formal look.  

How much care you put into your appearance says something about how much care you put into other things as well. So building a casual men's wardrobe should still be done thoughtfully and with your taste in mind.

Read on to learn the basics about putting together the best casual, comfortable outfits that you can wear around your home or while out and about. 



Invest in Basic Tees

The best place to start when choosing casual wardrobe clothes is with basic t-shirts. They're tried and true and everyone, no matter what their style is, needs a number of flattering, basic t-shirts.

These are the best items to start with because they are often the basis for the rest of your outfit. The color or cut of your t-shirt will dictate what kind of pants you wear or what jacket you reach for if needed. 

Every man should invest in a basic white t-shirt. These can have a classic ringer neck or you can opt for a v-neck, but make sure the v-neck isn't too deep. A subtle v-neck looks flattering on everyone. 

You can dress a white t-shirt up or down. Celebrities like Antoni Porowski are often spotted wearing a white t-shirt with casual but fitted jeans or under a black jean jacket.

Celebrities have been making white t-shirts look good ever since James Dean wore one to ride motorcycles and brood in "Rebel Without A Cause."

Since then, white t-shirts have been a fashion choice for those whose styles range from grungey to preppy. 

Pair this with Chuck Taylor-inspired shoes for the ultimate men's fashion statement that is as comfortable as it is fashionable. 

Once you find a fitted t-shirt with a cut and material that you love you should buy it in several colors! Every wardrobe needs a basic white tee, but you should also make sure to grab basic tees in black, navy, and grey colors as well.



Put a Cap on It

Nothing says "casual" with style like a good hat. One of the nicest things about at-home outfits for men is that you don't always have to try too hard, which means you don't always have to fix your hair!  

A good hat will flatter your face, match the rest of your outfit, and hide any bedhead you didn't get around to taking care of. It can also be a great way to protect you from the sun if you spend a lot of time outside or are doing yard work

Hats also allow you to express yourself while all serving the same purpose. There is a wide range of hats available for every kind of style and most would be easy to find at your local mall or men's clothing store. 

The classic men's baseball hat is never a wrong choice when it comes to casual men's fashion. These look great with a t-shirt and jeans and you'll be reaching for one throughout the hot summer months. Find one in a solid color you love to top off your favorite casual outfits. 

The bucket hat has made a strong comeback and also looks good when paired with casual clothes. This style of hat has been seen all over in recent years, from festival looks to celebrities wearing them on vacation.


These come in every solid color imaginable but also come in many different prints and patterns. A patterned or colorful bucket hat is the perfect final touch to an outfit of neutral or dark colors.  

Don't Pass on Button Ups

The button-up shirt is one of the most important items you can add to your closet. This style of shit is so versatile and easy to wear that you can wear them to any kind of event and easily dress them up or down.

Button-ups can be worn alone or over t-shirts for a layered look. They come in long and short sleeves and in every color and pattern that you could think of. They are the ultimate item in casual men's fashion and flatter every shape and height. 

A standard, long sleeve button-up shirt may be too formal for casual wear, but there are ways to dress this style down so you don't look too structured at home.

A short-sleeved button-up is an answer to this problem. Short sleeves say casual and never look too fancy or out of place when you're in a casual setting.

You can wear these open with a t-shirt underneath for a look that is relaxed but stylish. If your button-up is a solid color you can wear a t-shirt with a pattern or slogan on it underneath. If your button-up features a print make sure to wear a solid t-shirt underneath. 

You can express your style through button-ups. If you like loud prints and colors, reach for a button-up with a fun print, like pizzas or comic book characters. If you want to keep it simple but chic, opt for one with colored vertical stripes or in a dark color. 

It's also a well-known fact that you can't go wrong with a good plaid print. These are a favorite of celebrities like Ben Affleck and Ryan Gosling. Every man should try a classic red or black-and-white plaid shirt at some point in their life! 



All About Outwear

If there is one thing men have over women when it comes to style, it's perfect outwear. Men's outerwear can transform an outfit for the better and also keeps you warm. 

Everyone loves a hoodie and there's never a bad time to wear one when you're keeping it casual. Pick a hoodie in your favorite color so that you always feel confident even when you're as comfortable as possible. 

A black hoodie should be a staple in your closet, but make sure to grab some in a few other basic colors as well. A decent hoodie can be worn alone over fitted jeans without the need for any other styling. 


You can also wear your hoodie under a bigger, more structured jacket for a look that is about as fashionable as casual gets. Wear one under a bomber jacket, a leather jacket, or a jean jacket. 

There are many kinds of jackets that are chic and casual for you to choose from, most of which will likely never go out of style.

A faded black or grey jean jacket looks fantastic over any shirt and is a quick way to show off your style while remaining casual. You can even roll up the jacket sleeves once for a grunge or rocker style. 

Jean jackets with a fleece lining and collar are understated and lend a "mountain man" look to any outfit. Plus, they're guaranteed to keep you warm. 

A bomber jacket is the ultimate casual men's item. This style is relaxed but pulls together an entire outfit. It creates a flattering shape for everyone and adds a hint of fashion pizazz with its unique material.

No matter the outerwear you choose, every man should have a decent selection of black, grey, olive green, and brown when it comes to outerwear.

Pick the Right Bottoms

Pants are often overlooked when it comes to putting an outfit together, but you should put as much thought into picking your pants as you do any other item in your closet. 

When it comes to buying pants or shorts, the most important factor before you begin picking styles is considering the fit. It's a mistake to assume that looser or baggier bottoms should be your only option when you're trying to stay relaxed. 

In fact, a baggy fit is often unflattering on most, so make sure to take several sizes with you to the dressing room when you're trying on pants or shorts. 

You can never go wrong with jeans! Jeans will never go out of style and, depending on the kind you buy, can say a lot about your personal fashion. 

Distressed or ripped jeans are a great casual look and will go perfectly with your basic t-shirts. Go for a fitted pair that is easy to run or move around in as well. You can also cuff your jeans at the bottom, a style seen on celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Faded blue and black jeans look good on everyone. You can also invest in fitted cargo pants in army green, beige, and dark brown colors. 

When it comes to shorts, go for a style that hits comfortably in the middle of your thigh, not too high or too low. Consider buying simple athletic or cargo shorts that will look as good at home as they will at the beach or a friend's house. 

Printed shorts can also amp up your style. Go for easy prints like stripes running along the sides or a subtle logo. 

Sweats With Style 

Let's face it, all most of us really want to do when it comes to wearing clothes at home is hang out in sweats. Sometimes we want to spend the whole day in pajamas, and wearing sweats is as close to that as possible. 


A glass of you know what is always a great addition to a pair of sweats. Especially when I'm sipping from these super awesome wine glasses. Even though I'm in the sweats my glass is as luxurious as luxury gets.


thin wine glass


The good news is that there are ways to make sweats look great on you no matter where you're at. 

Sweat shorts, or drawstring shorts, are a casual, comfortable way to look put together while still staying true to the side of you that never wanted to get out of bed. 

Reach for a pair of sweat shorts in dark grey, light blue, or white. Pair them with your most comfortable t-shirt and a pair of casual shoes and you're done! These will look good with white or beige athletic or skate shoes. Throw on a hat to add a funky vibe to this outfit.

If you want to be covered in head-to-toe sweats, don't hold back on buying a whole matching sweats outfit. A classic black sweater and sweatpants combination will look great with any color of shoe or accessory you wear. 

Make it extra chic by throwing a jean jacket over this look or picking a structured sweatshirt as opposed to a looser-fitting one. 

Get Casual At-Home Outfits Men Will Love Here

Now you know all the best ways to put together casual at-home outfits men will love. From flannel outfits men love to classic t-shirts, there are so many ways to look good while still being comfortable at home or while you're out. 

Stick to these tried and true fashion rules and you'll still look your best on the days when you tried the least!

At Subtle Flight, we believe in the power that classic and casual clothes can bring to an outfit. That's why we supply you with the best in t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Start with the basics and check out our comfortable t-shirts today. 

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