The Pros and Cons of Matching Shirts

The Pros and Cons of Matching Shirts

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Did you know that 35% of Americans plan to take their families with them on their next trip? If this sounds like your family‘s plans, you may want to consider buying matching shirts for the whole family. 

Wearing funny matching shirts is not a new idea as people have been doing this for a long time. Matching shirts for couples are especially common as many designs are available.

You can find all kinds of cute shirt ideas, such as dad and son matching shirts or shirts for mom and dad. The options are endless, and you have so many different styles and designs to choose from.

Keep reading to find out what the pros and cons of wearing matching shirts for the family are.



If you want your family to wear family matching shirts, you should know the drawbacks to this. As well as why wearing matching shirts might be a good idea for your family. 

Here are some positive sides to wearing matching shirts for the whole family.



Family Photos Will be Cohesive

One of the best reasons to have your family shirts matching is to create cohesive photos. There is nothing worse than looking back at your photos only to see a mishmash of colors and styles.

This can make your photos look chaotic and make it hard to focus on the people in the photo. When everyone is wearing the same shirt, this creates a cohesive look in the photo.

It also takes away from the clothes to that you can appreciate the people in the photos. It is a great way to make family photos look humorous and clean so that you can continue to enjoy them.

Wearing the same shirts is a great idea even if you want to take some nice family photos. It is a great way to have themed photos or to celebrate certain seasons and holidays.

This is an especially cute look on family postcards that you can send to your relatives.

Everyone Is Easy to Find

One huge pro to wearing the same shirts is that your family members are all easy to spot no matter where they go. This is ideal for family vacations where you may be walking through crowds of people.

A child that gets lost is every parent's worst nightmare, and wearing the same shirt can help to reduce this risk. With everyone wearing the same shirt, they will stick out and be easier to find if they get left behind.

This is why matching Disney shirts are so popular, as places like Disney are notorious places to get lost. The crowds are large, and so much is going on that it is easy to lose track of people.

This is a great option for fairs, zoos, water parks, or any place where there are large crowds and a lot going on. Having shirts that all look the same will make it easier to keep track of everyone. So that there are no scary situations that end up happening.

It can also help other people to find you in case one of your children wanders off. This shows that you are obviously all together so people can help your children if they were to get lost.


It Creates Lasting Memories

Wearing matching shirts is a fun and simple way of creating lasting memories for the whole family. This shows in the photos and will leave behind fond memories for parents and children alike.

As simple as this is to do, it can make any family outing more exciting. It turns it into a true event and can get everyone excited about the family plans.

It is also fun for everyone to decide on the shirts that everyone will wear. Whether you are going with a theme, color, or seasonal element in your matching shirts.

This will be a positive experience for the entire family and can turn any plan into something extra special.

It Is Easy to Get Ready to Go

It is no secret that getting a family ready to go do something is one of the hardest parts. It is hard no matter how many children there are or how old they are.

Getting everyone dressed and ready to go is an ordeal, especially if everyone wants to wear their own style and preferences. This is where funny matching shirts come in to save the day.

Matching shirts for couples and families is a great way to reduce the time for everyone to head out the door. Everyone is basically wearing a uniform, so getting ready should go by much faster.

This can help you to get everyone dressed and ready to go in time to head out the door. This way, you can get on with your plans instead of running late and having to play catch up.

This is especially useful if you have plans that are time-sensitive. Not only can this help everyone to be ready on time, but it can help everyone to stay happy instead of becoming stressed and in a hurry.



Everyone Feels Included

A big part of matching family shirts is the inclusivity of it. This helps everyone to feel included and a part of the fun instead of feeling left out.

This is great for all kinds of family gatherings, whether it is your family and relatives or your small family going on vacation. This is also great for couples as there are all kinds of matching couple shirts.

This is a great way to draw everyone in and get everyone excited about what is going on. Matching shirts can help to cheer up grumpy children and pull angsty teens into the family activities.

It is impossible to feel left out when everyone is matching and is having fun with how they are dressed.

It's a Fun Gift

Buying your entire family matching shirts is sure to be a welcome surprise to everyone. Picking out the shirts can be a fun family activity, but you could also turn it into a surprise.

What better way to kick off a family road trip or vacation than by surprising everyone with their own matching shirts. This can get everyone excited about what lies ahead.

These shirts will act as a memorable item as well as they will always carry memories with them. Your children will hang onto those shirts and always remember how much fun they had on that trip.

These shirts make excellent nostalgia pieces that everyone will hold onto long after the shirts have become too small and worn out to wear.

It Creates Smiles

No matter whether or not you would ever wear matching shirts with your family, you cannot say that it isn't a cute idea. No matter where you go, your family is going to bring smiles to people's faces as they watch you go by.

Seeing a family all matching and walking together is bound to cheer people up. Some people may even compliment you or offer to take your family photos.

This is especially charming for families with babies or smaller children. There is nothing cuter than seeing children dressed up like their parents and walking around like miniature versions of them.

It would be especially fun if you had relatives dress up as well so that a very large group of people were dressed the same. This helps everyone to keep track of each other and brightens everyone's day.



Now that we have discussed the cons to wearing matching shirts, here are some downsides. You should consider the negative side as well before deciding if this is a good idea for your family.

They May Not be Everyone's Style

Having everyone wear the same shirts may not be up to everyone's personal taste or style. For families with smaller children, this most likely won't matter, but it may matter to teens.

Older children and teenagers are much more aware of how they look and may not appreciate having to wear a specific shirt. Especially if it is in combination with their entire family.

They may feel embarrassed to go out looking like that or may not like the way the shirt looks on them. Or they may like other kinds of tops, like tank tops instead of t-shirts. Your children may fight about it if the colors are not what they would normally wear.

Little boys may refuse to wear pink while the girls may refuse to wear blue, it is just one of those problems. Because of this, you may have to be especially careful of the colors and styles that you buy.

One solution to this is to have everyone included in picking out the shirts. This way, everyone can come to an agreement about what would look best on everyone.

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There May Not be Enough Sizes

Though most places that sell matching shirts will have a huge variety of sizes, this may not always be the case. Some places may offer only a handful of sizing options or may be out of stock.

You could be out of luck if you have decided on a shirt, but some of the sizes have already sold out. This could mean that some people have to size up and wear an oversized shirt instead.

Many t-shirts are also made with very generic sizing, so they don't always fit everyone very well. Depending on everyone's body type, the sizes may be slightly off for some.

There is also the risk that the sizing is a bit different than what you expect, and the shirts don't fit very well. This can be a big problem as everyone's shirts may not be the size that they thought they were.

It may be a good idea to order one shirt to see if the sizing is accurate. Or you could order all of the shirts but from a company that offers returns.

Family Photos Could Look Cheesy

Though wearing the same shirts for family photos can look very cute and cohesive, it has the risk of looking cheesy. This is the risk you take since matching clothes can come off as silly in photos.

This tends to be a look that is best reserved for smaller families with less than six children. Any more than six children, and the matching shirts tend to look like too much in the photo.

This can also have a lot to do with the shirt that you choose to wear. Simpler designs tend to look best. Though many families gravitate towards more outlandish colors and patterns.

It is best to stay away from shirts with very bright colors like neon shades. Or shirts that have characters on them, like matching Disney shirts with the Disney characters on the front.

The simpler the shirt, the less your photos will end up looking cheesy. Matching shirts are also great for seasonal photos or holiday family photos rather than vacation photos.

They look more put together and tend to not look as silly as they may otherwise look for spur-of-the-moment photos. Though this may not matter to you, as family photos tend to look silly no matter what you do.

You could always choose to embrace the cheesiness and make the photos as outlandish as possible.



Teens May Not Approve

Teenagers are much more selective about what they like to wear and may resent having to wear the same shirts as everyone else. Especially if you will be going to crowded places.

Though it may feel like a fun idea, this can be embarrassing to teenagers. Especially ones that already feel awkward and out of place no matter what they are wearing.

This is something that you should consider beforehand if you have teenagers. You do not want to spoil the happy memories by upsetting them with matching shirts.

To try to prevent this, you could run the idea by them and include them in choosing the shirts. This was, they have some measure of control and can choose something that they like.

You could even avoid choosing the same exact shirts and instead go with a theme or color palette. This way, everyone gets to have their own shirt, but everything is still cohesive and still matches.

Someone May Get Dirty

One big downside to having your family wear matching shirts is that they could get dirty. It is not uncommon for something to get spilled or dripped down a shirt during family fun time.

This is especially risky for families with younger children. They tend to gravitate towards messy situations and are bound to get something on themselves.

This could result in you having to change their clothes and give them a fresh shirt. This will ruin the look of everyone matching and will especially stick out in photos.

You could always buy backups, but this could get expensive depending on how large your family is. It can also be a hassle to have to carry extra shirts around with you during your family day.

This is an important detail for parents with small children to consider. It may not be a big deal to everyone, but it does ruin the look of everyone matching.

Where to Buy Matching Shirts?

Know that you know what the pros and cons of wearing the same shirt are, you probably want to know where to buy them? Though you can pop into any clothing store, they aren't all made equally.

There are some places that are best when it comes to buying matching family shirts. If you really want a successful shopping trip, you may want to only try specific places.

This will also depend upon whether or not everyone is helping make the decision or it is just you. If the whole family wants to help, you may want to do your shopping online for ease.

Keep reading to find out where you should start going for the best matching shirts.



Online Retailers

Online retailers like Subtle Flight are a great place to buy all kinds of funny matching shirts that are unique. Places like this offer a large variety of styles, colors, and sizes for the whole family.

This is important if you have a large family or children of all different ages. At online retailers, you are sure to find options that everyone will enjoy wearing, whether they are eight or eighteen.

You also have a better chance of finding all of the sizes that you need at places like this. If you were to try shopping in a store, you may run the risk of not finding all of the sizes in the same shirt that you need.

It is also easier for the whole family to get involved and choose the shirts that they like when shopping online. This way, everyone can agree on one shirt that they can all enjoy wearing.

This can add to the excitement of waiting to go on your family trip or vacation. Especially when the big box of shirts is delivered your home for everyone to try on.



Specialty Stores

Specialty stores are another place where you can find great family matching shirts. These kinds of stores are also memorable, like the stores at the fair or Disney land.

You can get all kinds of specialty shirts at these kinds of stores while you are on vacation. This only adds to the memories, and the shirt will act as a memento after the trip is over.

The downside to shopping for matching shirts at specialty stores is that the options can be limiting. You may not find the same range of sizes that you would online, especially for shirts with unique designs.

This is a great place to pick up matching family Christmas shirts or other holiday shirts. You will find all kinds of unique holiday designs that the entire family can enjoy wearing.

Some designs may only be for children, or their stock may be running low. These specialty stores also tend to be significantly more expensive.

You can expect to pay more at one of these stores than you would online. This isn't a big deal for small families or for couples, but it can add up fast for a larger family.


In Physical Stores

You also always have the option of going to any physical store nearby to pick up the matching shirts. This is an easy option if you aren't too picky about the type of shirts that you are buying.

This is ideal if you just want matching shirts for family photos or shirts that can get dirty without upsetting anyone. The options here will often be much more limited, with plain shirts being the best alternative.

These won't have as much character, but they will still create that matching effect. Especially if you are trying to find a way to keep track of all of your family members.

This is a cheaper option as most clothing stores offer very affordable shirts that you can buy in all sizes. Though you always run the risk of not finding the right sizes for all of your family.

Some stores may also not offer the type of shirt for men, women, boys, and girls. So you may have to get creative or pick sizes that aren't entirely accurate.

Are There Pros and Cons to Wearing Matching Shirts?



If you are thinking of getting matching shirts for your whole family, you should know the pros and cons now. This can help you decide if this is a good idea for your family.

This doesn't even have to be an idea for a large family or for anyone with kids. You can also get matching shirts for couples to wear with your significant other.

This is cute and can create some fun and memorable photos that can go in the scrapbook. Anyone can enjoy this idea and purchase some funny matching shirts for their loved ones or friends.

Are you going to have your family wear matching shirts on their next trip? Contact us today at Subtle Flight to find some unique shirt designs for the whole family.

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