attractions to visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Full Trip Guide for Beginners

Top 9 Attractions to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest state in the USA. Millions of tourists check many attractions to visit in Pennsylvania every year to explore American history, art, culture, and economy. Home to several museums, art galleries, countryside, and parks, this state is a perfect representation of American history.

By visiting this state, you can learn a lot about human life, the sacrifices made in history during wars, weaponry used in major battles, development, industrialization, and much more.

Attractions to Visit in Pennsylvania

This guide explains all the attractions to visit in Pennsylvania!

1- Independence National Park

Independence National Park is the national treasure of America, located in Philadelphia. A major part of its popularity is because it contains the Liberty Bell. There is an Independence Hall in the territory of the park. This hall is the same place where the Constitution was made and the Declaration of Independence was signed.


independence national park


The Liberty Bell is placed at some distance from the hall. The exhibits talking about the history beautifully surround the Liberty Bell. Tourists visit this place because it holds significant importance in the history and the making of America.

The Independence Mall situated in the park contains historic buildings such as Old City Hall along with museums.

2- Gettysburg National Military Park

Another site worth visiting in Pennsylvania is Gettysburg National Military Park, situated in Gettysburg. This territory was a battlefield back in 1863, and civil war was fought here. This is the same war where 51,000 people died in 3-day time. Now, this park is a beautiful place paying tribute to the civil war. 

There are masterpiece monuments and markers placed for public sightseeing. The Seminary Ridge, Cemetery Ridge, and Oak Ridge are the highlights of the park, and these points were the positions of the civil war.

There is a museum and visitor center exhibiting Civil War weapons, uniforms, and other pieces.

3- Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art stands as an artistic building containing one of the largest collections of art in America. This place had been featured in the Rocky Movie series as well. The front steps of the museum give you a big view of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the tower of City Hall.

The museum is home to art pieces by great artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Manet, and others. It has dedicated departments for art exhibitions, including fashion and textile, American colonial furniture, sculpture garden, and many others.

4- Reading Terminal Market

Founded in 1893, the Reading Terminal Market was honored with the title of National Historic Landmark in the year 1995. Before it was built, fishers and farmers used to sell their products under the open sky near the railway station. But afterward, Railroad Company turned this place into an iconic marketplace. 

It is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops. Tourists visit this place to explore American culture, food production, and local goods. You will find almost everything in this market, from ice cream to meats, baked goods, and Pennsylvania Dutch candy as well.

5- Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of National History was built in 1896 in Pittsburg. Today, it counts among the best history museums in the USA. It displays rare masterpieces such as dinosaurs and other paleontology items. The best thing about it is the live PaleoLab. This lab is where scientists prepare new specimens to display for the exhibition, and the visitors can watch the whole process on-site.

If you want to explore wildlife from its history to till-date, this museum is what you need to visit. The displayed items belong to African wildlife as well as North American wildlife. There are amphibians, birds, reptiles, etc. 

6- Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is right on the banks of the Youghiogheny River. Though it is a small place, it is worth visiting for a great show of nature’s beauty. The unique thing about this park is the view of the neighboring river it gives.




Many recreational activities are going on that you can take part in, such as whitewater rafting. You can join the hiking group as well.

Joining a guided tour can be a great idea because this region contains the river and the park is home to several exciting things such as waterfalls etc.

7- Erie Lake

Lake Erie is located in the city of Erie. In fact, the city derives its name from this lake. It is situated in the northernmost part of Pennsylvania. It is the only lake port in the USA. The Erie Maritime Museum displays interesting facts and information about this port’s contribution to the development of the USA. You will see the USS Niagara, the historic warship, in this museum. Touring this port will give you insightful knowledge and experience of American development.

The Presque Isle State Park is the highlight of this place. This park has located some distance from the coast. You can enjoy many activities happening all year round, such as hiking, cycling, fishing, etc.

8- Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Lancaster County is home to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This place contains a lot of the Amish population of the USA. Most of the area that falls within its territory is rural. It is also home to the capital of Harrisburg.


Pennsylvania dutch country


The white-washed fences, horse-drawn buggies, and brans perfectly depict the culture. To best explore this Amish country, you should take a tour of the local markets. The markets located in this area are many and offer diverse products, from local products to baked goods. The most famous market is the Bird in Hand Farmers Markets.

9- Intercourse

Intercourse is a picturesque town that is old-style and vintage. There are many unique places to visit in this town, and Quilt Museum displays conventional handmade quilts. The People’s Place is where you can take a buggy ride. The American Military Edged Weaponry Museum displays a massive collection of swords, bayonets, and other weapons.


Visiting Pennsylvania can be life-changing since this state is brimming with impressive art and inspiring historic structures. The places mentioned above are the must-visits for the ultimate experience. Moreover, if you think about what you will wear during your trip, Subtle Flight can assist you!


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