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9 Fantastic Places to Visit in Ohio

If you are planning a trip to the USA, you must know the places to visit in Ohio. The State of Ohio in the Midwest is a beautiful place to be. It is a fine blend of developed big city life, nature, farms, history, botany, and architecture. This state is filled with many places worth visiting and deserves a long vacation instead of a small weekend getaway.

This guide explains all the unique places to visit in Ohio. 

1- Cleveland

The first city you should be visiting after entering the realm of Ohio is Cleveland. Mainly famous for Halle Berry and LeBron James, this city offers much more. Spread to 78 sq miles, it was once a hub of industrial and manufacturing plants of steel. Due to this production, Cleveland played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution and the development of the USA.

Moreover, it is a big city, giving a small-town vibe. Yes, the vintage streets, restaurants, and hotels source good entertainment. Going on a road trip throughout the city will get you a lot to learn, absorb, and enjoy. 

2- Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

One of the notable zoos in the USA, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, contains 10,000 animals. It represents around six regions, including North America, Asia, Africa, etc. The best time to visit the zoo is when a show or program is happening there. Those who love animals can attend an educational session to learn exciting and valuable things about animals.

columbus zoo and aquarium

The biggest show takes place every year during the Winter/Christmas holidays. During this show, Wildlights, 3 million lights decorate the whole space and amuse visitors with mesmerizing celebrations. 

3- Cincinnati Museum Center

Located in the most beautiful city of Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Museum Center is a must-visit. It is situated in the Union Terminal. It is instead a multi-museum complex. Visiting this museum complex, you can see artifacts from different subjects, including history, education, and science. Also, there are around 1.8 million artifacts on display.

The museums included in the complex are the Duke Energy Children's Museum, the Cincinnati History Museum, the Cincinnati History Library and Archives, and more. Visiting them in one day can be overwhelming, so take some time out and go to this place on multiple days.

4- Lake Erie Islands

The Lake Erie Islands is located in the Great Lake. You can reach this island from the places situated along the coast via ferry. If you have a limited budget, islands open to the public can be your choice. In contrast, those with a good amount of money can book a private island for the best relaxing time. 

Kelleys is the most liked public island. Glacial Grooves State Park is also an exciting spot to visit. This glacier came into existence when many glaciers moved through the limestone bedrock. Another fantastic place to stay in Ohio is Inscription Rock. 

5- Toledo

Toledo is a medium-sized city that is worth visiting for its architecture. Yes, several historic structures and buildings giving a great show of refined and artistic architecture are located in the Downtown. Furthermore, most of the buildings were rescued and transformed into artist housing.things to do in toledo

Being rich in culture, art, and architecture, this city can leave you speechless with its beauty. The town's highlight is the Toledo Museum of Art, which is open to the public free of cost. Another great spot is the Old West End. Here you will come across decade-old trees and giant mansions. 

6- Dayton

Dayton is a city in Ohio that brims with history. It is the city where the Wright Brothers spend their days making and improving the first practical airplane. This historical fact makes it mandatory for you to fly when in this town. 

The iconic Flyover in the Downtown is a marvelous structure. Also, it is a sculpture in the form of architecture that takes on the path's shape; the first flight of the Wright Brothers followed.

The Wright Cycle Company Complex is where the Wright Brothers worked on-air traveling when this thing was nothing more than a concept.

7- Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

You must visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for music lovers. Situated in Cleveland, it is a museum showing artifacts from history. Moreover, all things are displayed in a decade-by-decade sequence. It has covered great artists of ancient times. The Wing of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees is the highlight gallery in the museum.

You will see amazing costumes that the musicians wore in history, iconic musical instruments, and interactive things. Also, this building was created by a famous architect I.M. Pei. This museum is the reason most of the tourists come to this city.

8- Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is a fantastic place to be for nature lovers. You can serve your adventurer self by hiking, caving, and camping in this place. The tracks are perfectly laid for smooth adventures. If you decide on the time of the year to visit this place, choose fall. Because in fall, the leaves look more vibrant in colors, and the whole forest appears richer.

Moreover, you can enjoy the events in the park on different subjects such as photography, holes, caves, etc. The calendar of the park tells all events with dates and timing.

hocking hills state park

9- The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are situated in Columbus. You can visit it during any season of the year. It offers outdoor as well as an indoor display of plants and flowers. You will see many rare species of plants and learn interesting things about Botany.

Moreover, the exotic plant collection includes 400 species of plants from different landscapes, including the Pacific Islands, Rainforests, Himalayas, and Deserts.

The Bottom Line!

There are many places to visit in Ohio, the US, with several things for tourists and travelers. Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are three of the most famous cities in the state. Also, you can find everything in Ohio, from vintage cafes to historic architecture, greenery landscapes, forests, etc. Moreover, you have the opportunity to buy Ohio T-shirts for your trip!


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