Places to Visit in Texas

8 Things to Know When You Visit Texas!

Everything you need to know when you visit Texas

by Huma Ch

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. It is filled with exciting places to visit and fun things to do. The diversity in terms of culture and geography is huge. The state shows nature because it cleverly packs mountains, beaches, deserts, and bustling city life. So, when it comes to the question of what to visit in Texas, it is the best place for your next vacation.

What to Visit in Texas

Here are the beautiful attractions to visit in Texas that you must visit on your next trip to the state. 

1- San Antonio's River Walk

The first thing you have to experience in Texas is the heavenly River Walk. It is only a few miles from the San Antonio River. Moreover, you will come across charming restaurants and lovely outdoor patios here. Having hot chocolate beside the river is a must-do. 

This walkway is below the street level. Moving through the city, it meets the river. Other than walking on the walkways, you can cruise on a riverboat. The best time for boating is nighttime because the views are simply mesmerizing, with all the city lights giving a great show.

San Antonio River Walk


2- Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is located at a 30-minute drive from the middle of Houston. It is one of the most famous sights in Texas. It is a must-visit, especially if you are an explorer or a curious person. Because here you can find out interesting things about space and meet astronauts. NASA's latest projects are also displayed here. 

This place is full of exciting things, so spare a whole day to this space center. It contains Johnson Space Center and Mission Control, Space Shuttle Replica Mounted on a Shuttle Carrier, etc. You can even talk a walk inside the carrier and the shuttle for better observation. 

3- The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, had been created in remembrance of President John F. Kennedy. Because it was this place where he was killed, now it stands to pay tribute to Kennedy's legacy. It is a tall building made with red bricks. You will find accounts of presidential campaigns, photographs, artifacts, a detailed account of his assassination, and footage here. If you are a fan of John F. Kennedy, do not miss his Memorial. It is a big monument in downtown Dallas.


The Sixth Floor Museum


4- The Fort Worth Stockyards

The Stockyards National Historic District is excellent when you are in Texas. It was founded in 1866. The place is named after the cattle industry. Because once it was home to millions of cattle, that were sorted and delivered to buyers across the states. 

These historically significant stockyards have now become attractions of Texas. Visiting this place will truly make you feel that you are in Texas. Everything is impressive about the concerts, theatrical performances, shopping centers, etc. 

Among many things to do here, saddling up for trail riding is one the most liked ones. Once you are there, visit Stockyard Museum and Stockyards Visitor Center. 

5- Palo Duro Canyon

Thinking about what to visit in Texas? Palo Duro Canyon is the 2nd largest in the USA (Grand Canyon is the first largest). The iconic Red Rock gives a view that leaves visitors speechless. The interesting thing about this canyon is that it is not an ordinary void. Yes, there was a time when Native American tribes such as the Apache lived there. 

Palo Duro Canyon


The wildlife in the park is truly amazing. The best way to enjoy this place would be to hike up to some miles. You will see magical animals such as Aoudad sheep, mountain lions, and many more rare species. Make sure to take benefit of the available horse-riding services. If you feel hungry, get seated on chuckwagon cuisine around the canyon.

6- Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is the most underrated place in Texas. Located in the heart of Texas, this park walls the Rio Grand River. You will get to see heavenly views in this place. Everything will take you closer to nature, from vibrant greenery to clean water. 

You can either take a drive through the park or hike. If you want to observe rock details and landscape, hiking would be a better option. Window View Trail and Chimneys Tails are the best tracks for strolling. A pleasant boat cruising is also a good idea. 

7- Galveston

Galveston is only an hour's drive from Houston. It is a coastal retreat residing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This sandy coastline is lined with shops and cafes. Moreover, it is perfect for nighttime parties. Galveston is brimming with iconic things.

The first thing is the Strand National Historic Landmark District, an excellent architectural piece. The Lone Star Flight Museum is a stop to know about aviation history. Also, Free Ferry rides and a stroll along Pleasure Pier are the activities you must do.

8- Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore includes the world's longest undeveloped barrier islands on the list. It is a small island running alongside the coast of Texas. Starting from Corpus Christi and extending to the Mexican border, the total area of this island is 130,000 acres. It includes beaches, grassland habitats, and dunes. Also, you will get to see rare sea turtles and beautiful migratory birds here. Many different species visit this place on the Central Flyway Migratory Route.

Padre Island National Seashore


There is plenty of information available and new things to learn about. Moreover, the availability of beach adapted wheelchairs makes visiting this place easy for those with illnesses. When you are at Padre, blue water is what you see, no matter what direction you turn. It is like a treasure of nature.

The rare species of birds & animals on this island will leave you speechless. You can go there with your family for a daytime beach party.

Conclusion - What to Visit in Texas

The popular saying, "Everything is Bigger in Texas," is true. Visit the state and see for yourself. Taking into account what this state has to offer, you will feel speechless. The mesmerizing countryside, iconic historic attractions, wildlife parks, giant shopping centers, vintage cafes, everything together make Texas full of diversity. 

If you love nature, the must-visit places are Big Bend National Park, San Antonio's River, and Padre Island National Sea Shore. Also, the space enthusiast should go to the giant space center in Houston. 

It could be difficult for you to manage all places worth visiting on a short trip. Ensure that you do not miss out on any of the ones mentioned above because this guide includes places like parks, beaches, islands, etc. 

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