5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Genderless Clothing

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Genderless Clothing

 Genderless or gender-neutral clothing has recently dominated the fashion world as people become more aware of the effects of gender roles. The idea that women need to wear flowy feminine clothing while acting polite and men should look rugged and muscular in pants can harm people’s mental health. Genderless clothing is clothing that can be worn by both men and women. Most common examples of unisex clothing include simple colored clothing.  


1. Break Down Gender Norms 


Society is run by gender norms. As soon as babies are born, society immediately projects gender norms onto the baby. For example, when people have a gender reveal party, the gender of the baby is revealed through symbolic colors. Girls are always assigned pink since it is considered a feminine color, and boys are assigned blue. Baby girls are also given dresses and skirts while baby boys wear t-shirts with sports on them. These are basic examples of gender roles decided by society. They show that societal norms significantly impact who we are as people before we even get a chance to decide for ourselves. 


This is why gender-neutral clothing is so important. Gender-neutral clothing breaks down gender norms by being suitable for both men and women. Genderless clothing such as the shirts and sweatshirts from Subtle Flight are fashionable when worn by either gender, breaking down the idea that men and women need to dress entirely differently.



2. Fashionable 


Genderless clothing has become a major fashion trend in the past few years. Celebrities such as Billie Eilish are famous for wearing oversized gender-neutral clothing. This fashion trend is prominent among people of all ages, but it has mainly become a signature trend among teens and young adults. Many people wear genderless oversized t-shirts or hoodies with a pair of baggy jeans and platform black boots as a fashion statement. These outfits appear edgy and casual without needing complex pieces of clothing. Genderless oversized clothes are not only fashionable, but they are comfortable and perfect to wear in any season. 



3. Self-Expression 

When you wear gendered clothing, it can be difficult to express who you are since you may simply follow fashion trends from other men and women. With genderless clothing, it is easy to style clothing items to be unique to your own fashion style. Many gender-neutral clothing items can be stylistically layered or paired with other clothing to become chic and be worn as a form of self-expression. For example, women can wear large genderless t-shirts on top of a cute pair of biker shorts or even tie the back of the t-shirt to give it a more form-fitting look. 



4. Cheaper  

Women often wear their boyfriend’s or husband’s sweatshirts and hoodies simply because they are large and comfortable. But with genderless clothing, it is easy to share clothing rather than wear clothing that is obviously designed for men. By buying a nice hoodie that you and your significant other or siblings can share, you will save money by only purchasing one set of clothes. It may not initially seem like you are saving tons of money, but most people spend at least hundreds of dollars on their wardrobe, if not thousands of dollars. When it comes to money, every little bit adds up. 



5. Easy to Style 

When women buy a skirt or other highly feminine clothing items, they can often be difficult to style. For example, a cute pink skirt may only match a crop top and a tight-fitting tank top. But wearing genderless clothing is an excellent option for a typical day since most pieces can be easily styled. Unisex clothing can be single-toned or colorful, but they are almost always basic articles of clothing. Most gender-neutral clothing includes crew neck sweaters, hoodies, basic t-shirts, and baseball hats. These can easily match any pair of jeans, pants, or shorts. This Michigan unisex fleece pullover is an excellent example of easy-to-style genderless clothing. It comes in gender-neutral colors and has a crew neck instead of a v-neck. A crew neck fleece pullover can be styled to fit either gender. Women can wear them with leggings and men can wear them with khakis pants or some jeans.

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