11 Reasons Why Travel Based Fashion Is Trending

11 Reasons Why Travel Based Fashion Is Trending


Travel-based fashion has expanded beyond the tourist world of souvenirs and officially entered the fashion sphere. Anyone who has been clothes shopping within the last few years has seen the trendy ‘Los Angeles,’ ‘Malibu,’ and ‘New York City’ logo t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc. 

This clothing trend has been so popular you can find clothes with logos from different cities nearly anywhere. For instance, plenty of clothing stores all over the United States sells clothing with ‘Paris’ printed across the shirts. Even some of the most popular clothing stores sell city-based clothing. So, where did this travel-based fashion trend come from, and why did it suddenly get so popular? 

1. Cute and Simplistic Design 


One of the biggest reasons why city-based apparel has become so popular is because of its simplicity. This year’s trend is to wear sleek, solid-colored clothing that can be styled for any look. And luckily, travel-based fashion falls right into that category! The names of cities can be long or short, making them perfect for a sleek and simple design. The acronyms of cities can even be designed to be cute and subtle. That way, you can wear your favorite city without making a big fashion statement. This LA short sleeve t-shirt is a perfect example of a simplistic, modern take on city-based fashion. 


2. Represent Your City 


If you are proud of your city, there is no better way to represent it than wearing city-based apparel! City-based clothing shows that you are proud of the things your city has to offer. Whether your city has a championship sports team, is a fashion capital, or is a quaint and friendly town, you can show your pride with modern city-based fashion. Wearing city-based fashion is also a great way to promote smaller cities that are not commonly known. The United States has 50 states with plenty of wonderful cities. But with so many cities, plenty of towns are often overlooked. These smaller cities can gain more attraction and grow a bigger economy by representing your city with travel-based fashion. 


3. Travel Fever Glorifies Trendy Cities 


With the ability to travel being largely limited within the past few years, it’s no surprise that many people have travel fever. The desire to travel has transformed popular culture through social media and videos of beautiful destinations and trending travel-based fashion. With so many beautiful cities being glorified on social media, it’s no wonder that people want to buy clothing to represent their dream vacation cities or ideal locations for a home. Wearing a ‘Rome’ sweatshirt or ‘San Francisco’ baseball hat is an excellent way for people to feel one step closer to their travel goals.   


4. Show You Are Well-Traveled


City-based fashion is also a popular fashion trend because it shows that you are worldly and well-traveled. Wearing clothing with city logos is a nonchalant way to show your sophistication and awareness of the world around you. There is even travel-based fashion with country names, such as this super cute Mexico fleece pullover from Subtle Flight. Cute travel-based apparel is perfect for those who casually enjoy travel and want to show their culture. Travel-based clothing is also a great conversation starter since people will ask if you have been to the destination.  


5. Holds Memories of Your Favorite Places 


Nowadays, there are so many different ways to preserve your memories. One way to help you remember the best times in your life is to wear travel-based fashion. If your favorite trip was to Berlin, Germany, you could pick out clothing that reminds you of all of the good times you had. Just make sure to get your travel-based clothing from a high-quality brand such as Subtle Flight so that you can hold onto your memories for years to come. 


6. Embody the Characteristics of a Location 


Clothing is one of the most common ways to emphasize your personality. That’s why wearing city-based clothing is an excellent way to show your spirit and embody the characteristics of your favorite location. For example, if you wear a California t-shirt, you might be showing off your chill, beachy vibes. And if you wear a New York City hoodie, you might want to present yourself as professional, fast-paced, and intelligent. Wearing travel-based fashion is an easy way to express who you are without wearing dramatic outfits.



"Souvenir shirts and travel-based fashion are a huge part of the travel industry."

However, there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love to buy trinkets while on vacation, and those who believe that they are a waste of money and luggage space. But even those who do not like souvenirs can generally agree that it is good to buy clothing as souvenirs. This is because, unlike other souvenirs, clothing can be a significant part of your daily self-expression. Plus, it is one of the most practical souvenirs.


Travel-based fashion such as hoodies, t-shirts, and baseball caps with city and country names printed on them are the perfect way to commemorate a great trip. Here's the scoop



1. Start a collection 


Many people collect snow globes, keychains, or other souvenirs, but travel-based fashion is by far the best thing to collect. Sure, many people google ‘souvenir store near me’ when they are on vacation, but the best way to get high-quality travel-based fashion is to shop all of the different styles online. Travel-based fashion from high-quality brands such as Subtle Flight makes for an excellent collection since the clothing will maintain its quality for many years. With your collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, or baseball caps, you will have physical documentation of every place you have been to. As a collector of travel-based clothing, you don’t have to worry about your collection taking up space in the living room. Instead, the clothing can be kept in a designated area in your closet. That way, your travel-based fashion collection won’t simply collect dust on a shelf. 


2. Create Lasting Memories


Souvenirs are meant to help people remember their favorite moments forever, and the best way to do that is by purchasing travel-based clothing such as a t-shirt souvenir. Souvenir shirts will be a reminder of all of the places you visited and help you hold onto your memories forever. For example, every time you see your ‘Italy’ sweatshirt, you will be reminded of all of the fun days you spent tanning on the beaches in Positano. Clothing souvenirs act as a time capsule. Having multiple travel-based fashion items will create a wardrobe full of fun memories!   

3. Fit Perfectly in Luggages


Souvenirs can sometimes be too bulky or heavy to put in luggage, but fashionable souvenir shirts are always small and lightweight. They will easily fit any carry-on or check-in bag. Since luggage is designed specifically for packing clothes, there are no worries of clothing not being the right shape for the bag. Travel-based fashion is also the perfect souvenir because clothes are not fragile. Snow globes and other souvenirs could break in your luggage, leaving a glittery mess in your luggage. But with clothing, there is no chance of that happening! That way, you will never be a souvenir down. Souvenir hoodies and t-shirts are also an excellent purchase since you can wear them on the plane or as part of your travel outfit and save even more space in your luggage.  


4. Practical Gif


Travel-based fashion souvenirs also make excellent gifts. You can select clothing that matches the person’s sense of style, such as this simple Hawaii short sleeve t-shirt. Many people also already collect baseball caps or t-shirts from different countries, so it would be extra special for them to know you thought of them on your vacation. Clothing is also a practical gift that can be worn daily. Even if the person doesn’t like the shirt, it will always be worn. Even if they wear it as a comfy house shirt or a sleeping t-shirt. Practical gifts such as travel-based fashion are more likely to be appreciated since it is both a monument of the destination printed on the clothing and isn’t an unnecessary object that crowds the house. 



5. Inexpensive 


Traveling is already expensive without buying lots of items on the trip. But luckily, souvenir shirts and hoodies do not cost a ton of money. Even though clothing is not expensive, it is still a wonderful gift. T-shirt souvenirs are perfect for children or relatives, and since you have to think about the person’s size and likes, it is still considered a well-thought-out gift. You can also feel good about buying clothing since it will actually be used.

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