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10 Best Streetwear Fashion Ideas for Men and Women


There used to be a time when streetwear was something only skaters and rappers would wear. Streetwear fashion was seen as edgy yet niche- something only a very few people could pull off. However, as times changed, streetwear became the new cool. This was mostly due to the personality and comfort that it lends to its wearer. It has become so influential that people now deliberately try to incorporate streetwear fashion ideas into their daily apparel. Subtle Flight is an excellent store if you wish to check out streetwear essentials. Keep reading this article to find out more about streetwear ideas for both men and women. 


Top 10 Streetwear Ideas 


1. Tie-up T-shirts 

Ladies, gone are the days when there was only one way to wear a t-shirt. Tie-up t-shirts are the new trend. Check out this short-sleeved t-shirt from Subtle Flight that you can easily tie up. There are several ways in which you can tie up a tee – be it a basic front knot or a back knot or even simply tuck it in at the front with a knot. You can pair your t-shirt with joggers, denim shorts, or full-length pants to complete the look. 


2. Loose Sweatshirts 

An oversized sweatshirt could be the most comfortable thing one could ever wear. Women can pick out a really long sweatshirt and even wear it as a dress to get a casual look. You can also pair up a moderately loose sweatshirt with a denim bottom. Nothing ever goes wrong with denim so it’s the safest option. Men can rock the loose sweatshirt look with slim-fit pants or joggers. If comfort is your priority, you can go for sweatpants. Take a look at this pullover for ideas. 


3. Short-sleeved T-shirts with Skirts

Long skirts might not come off as streetwear to some, but chic looks are increasingly becoming popular among streetwear fashion. Check out this short-sleeved t-shirt from Subtle Flight that you can cleanly pair with a frilled skirt. Top off the look with a cool hat and you’ll be ready to rule the streets!



4. Dad Hats 

Speaking of hats, dad hats have always been a streetwear favorite. Even if you pick out a rapper or hip-hop star that you love, they must have worn a dad hat at some point in their lives. Dad hats are comfortable, help beat the heat, and, in many cases, make a statement. These hats can be customized to add cool messaging or even accessories like glasses or crowns. Take a look at this Hawaii dad hat or Carolina dad hat made of sustainable fabric and antique buckles for strap adjustment. 



5. Hoodies  

Hoodies are our top pick when it comes to comfort wear, second only to sweatshirts. They’re perfect for every occasion– be it for running errands, or to get a drink with your friends. The best hoodie is that which is made of a convenient blend of cotton and polyester. They’re easy to style, have pockets, keep you warm during cold weather, and are often unisex. Check out this hoodie from Subtle Flight for a good reference. You can also pair a loose hoodie with fitted pants. 



6. Black T-shirts  

Black is perfect for any occasion. Black is versatile because of the wide style spectrum that it can work across– be it minimalist or funky. Black T-shirts go great with denim as well as bright colors. Even a simple black-and-white or black-and-black look would make a great streetwear outfit. And it's universally acknowledged that black can make anyone look amazingly sassy. It’s wonderful how a single color can bring so much change in our appearance. Take a look at this Black T-shirt from Subtle Flight and tell us who wouldn’t look great in it. 



7. Vintage Look 

Vintage clothing is an emerging style in the streetwear category. Jackets, shirts, and jeans are the most desired vintage wear, especially among men. The 70s- 80s sportswear, designer duds, graphic t-shirts, large-sized glasses are all favorites of people aspiring for a retro look. Yet another vintage characteristic you could try out is bold typography, especially varsity jackets. 


8. Bright Colors 

Bright colors and the streets are a perfect combination. Anyone can ace this look provided they pair the right colors. Vibrant colors like yellow, green, pink, and blue are great for streetwear. Colors can say a lot about your personality, so you can use your streetwear to make a statement. It’s indeed true, clothes do help you express yourself. Take a look at this bright T-shirt from Subtle Flight. 



9. Sneakers

Streetwear is mostly targeted at young people, and sneakers are naturally associated with youth. Even if you’re wearing a dull old rag jacket, you can make it look awesome with a cool pair of sneakers. Sneakers are attractive and come with a lot of style variations. You could opt for plain sneakers or even go for a customized look that is colorful. If you talk to a streetwear fanatic, you’ll most likely find that they invest in sneakers the most. 


10. Joggers 

Joggers are on par with sweatshirts when it comes to comfort. Pair them up with your hoodie, pullover, or T-shirt, joggers will stand out in any instance. Try opting for joggers of darker color so that it goes with any color that you wear on top. 


Streetwear Style Traits 

Here are some basic characteristics that you need to keep in mind while looking for streetwear:



1. Comfort 

The biggest highlight of streetwear fashion is that the clothes are all super comfortable. You should be able to easily run, jump, skip, skate and do whatnot. This is why most streetwear clothing comprises joggers, athletic t-shirts, baggy clothes, etc. 


2. Breaking Proportions 

There are some set rules about how your clothes must fit. Streetwear breaks these rules by playing with proportions. As mentioned, most of the clothes are baggy, with random color combinations and everything unconventional. Leaving a 


3. Scarcity  

People who are serious about having a trendy streetwear wardrobe know that limited-edition items are everything. The idea of scarcity that people perceive regarding these pieces of clothing makes them more valuable and sought-after. 



4. Contemporary Art 

Popular streetwear pieces include t-shirts and jackets with a lot of contemporary art on them. These could be graphics, abstract imagery, or designs that poke fun at the classics. 


Why Streetwear? 

Here are some reasons why you should opt for streetwear fashion. 


1. Support local brands 

Localized business platforms have been imperative to the growth of streetwear fashion.  

2. Dynamic  

Streetwear is one genre of fashion that is always evolving. They help you keep up with the trends while creating new trends. 


3. Comfortable 

While this is something we’ve already talked about, it needs to be emphasized. The first and foremost thing about streetwear is comfort. It values its wearer, and there is no need to forsake comfort for the sake of style. 



4. It helps you be you 

Streetwear is a great medium to express yourself as there are no barriers to it. You can dress however you want and still pull it off. 



To sum up, streetwear fashion is definitely something that you should try out if you haven’t yet. The amount of comfort and sassiness it gives you is limitless. We hope this article helped you with some ideas. Happy shopping!

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